Customer Workshops & Consultancy

See how IoT can change your business!

Join our workshops to get guidance from our experts on how the Internet of Things can empower you. Not only do we demonstrate the way that numerous technologies work, but we also tailor the content to your specific implementation needs.

Deutsche Telekom
Mobile IoT (NB-IoT, LTE-M)
Starter Workshop DT

Service delivered by DT IoT:

  • Review of NB-IoT/LTE-M; differentiation from other LPWA technologies
  • Presentation of all Mobile IoT network & solution features
  • Support with module selection and configuration
  • IoT Solution Optimizer (test license - 90 days)
  • Training Materials (incl. IoT Solution Guidelines)

Learn how to configure power saving & connectivity features

Guidance for integration of Mobile IoT into IT infrastructure

Wireless 20/20
IoT Business Case Analysis
Consultancy Partner

Delivered by Wireless 20/20:

Build a business case for your IoT Project:

  • Build a custom version of the WIROI IoT Business Case tool for your project
  • Supports a wide range of IoT Use Cases that fit in 3 broad categories
  • Estimate the CapEx cost to deploy the network.
  • Estimate the on going OpEx costs to run the network
  • Test impact of technical tradeoffs on business case
  • Evaluate the revenue and cost savings delivered
  • Resulting business case will help to gain investment and green light your project.

Develop a comprehensive business case to prove the economic viability of your IoT project and optimize the financial return

Global IoT Roll-out Planning
Consultancy Partner

Service delivered by umlaut:

  • Analysis of local market limitations (e.g. certification rules, hardware limitations)
  • Analysis of local technology restrictions (e.g. frequency bands, NB-IoT/ LTE-M coverage, phase-out plans)
  • Consideration IoT use-case characteristics (e.g. energy consumption, data volume, indoor vs. outdoor, devices, stationary vs. wearables)

Enabling you to solve connectivity issues before they occur in the field. Meet your customer connectivity requirements on the highest level. 

Software Development
Consultancy Partner

Service delivered by ORBIT:

  • Development of individual Business Applications
  • Mapping of complex business requirements into an application
  • On-Azure and On-Premises
  • Web and mobile
  • Technical focus on ASP.NET MVC and Angular
  • High competence in the Microsoft ecosystem

Uncompromising implementation of your business processes

High-performance handling of Big Data

Compliance with legal regulations (e.g. DSGVO)

Consultancy Partner

Service delivered by DEKRA:

  • Covers consultancy services prior to evaluation / certification
  • Assessment of security policies in place, gap analysis, vulnerabilities, etc.
  • Applicable to concept, design, manufacturing, and debugging phases

Ensure compliance with security requirements prior to investing in an official evaluation or certification

Antenna Performance & Certification
Consultancy Partner

Service delivered by Verkotan:

  • Consultancy meeting with expert to review your antenna’s wireless performance
  • Standardized and tailored antenna measurements
  • Customized test plan to secure compliancy to operator requirements

Complete information on your antenna’s wireless performance

Experts’ opinion on how to improve the performance and SAR values